We are part of the solution to the world's challenges

Our commitment, from start to finish!

No poverty

Nuno//Fracht commitment: Engage our employees in annual social campaigns and incentive programs.

We offer fair salaries to all our employees and contractors, as well as promote equal access to opportunities, childcare and meals.

Participation in social programs in partnership with Amigos do Bem through ongoing projects in education, income generation and access to water, housing and health in Brazil’s northeastern hinterland.

Good health
and well-being

Nuno//Fracht commitment: Investing in programs aimed at the physical and mental health of our employees, such as psychological support and workplace exercise.

Nuno//Fracht offers its employees a safe, collaborative and respectful working environment, accessible and open to new ideas and freedom of expression, promoting various engagement and development actions, as well as benefits such as health insurance, home office assistance, among others. The partnership with the Abrinq Foundation also applies to such objective.

Gender Equality

Nuno//Fracht commitment: Diversity and inclusion as a premise for becoming a better company every day. Achieve a 100% inclusive environment for LGBTQIAPN+ people. Ensure 100% accessibility and achieve a 100% inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

Nuno//Fracht adopts gender inclusion in all its relationships, whether in recruitment and selection, promotion, opportunities or business partnerships, without any distinction. We are proud that 59% of our team is made up of women and 53% of the company’s leadership is represented by women. In addition, we have launched a Diversity and Inclusion Campaign to raise awareness among our employees, showing them that living with differences is a good thing and that at the company we follow the practice of empathy, dialog and respect for everyone.

Zero hunger

Nuno//Fracht commitment: Use part of our income to fight hunger in the most affected by hunger regions in Brazil.

At Nuno//Fracht we create jobs and opportunities for people to live a dignified life, as well as participating in programs to fight hunger.

Quality Education

Nuno//Fracht commitment: A young apprentice program to prepare them for the job market and their own individual development.

We encourage our employees to take courses and training. We also have a partnership with the Abrinq Foundation, in which we carry out social actions to benefit children. We are also committed to not exploiting child labor, which is very common in extremely impoverished regions.

Climate Action

Nuno//Fracht commitment: Environmental certification 26001 and 14001. Formation of a sustainability committee,

Internal practices to reduce the use of inputs and reduce CO2 gas emissions by replacing the fuel used in our fleet, we use clean and renewable energy and promote waste separation and proper disposal.