Fracht Group World Meeting: innovation and sustainability shape the future of global logistics in Las Vegas

The latest Fracht Group World Meeting, held from October 6 to 8 in Las Vegas (USA), was characterized as a prolific forum for discussions based on innovation and global logistics sustainability. The event, larger than previous editions, drew the attention and participation of more than 200 industry enthusiasts, including global directors, clients and other influential professionals.

Brazil was represented by Nuno//Fracht, which, along with CTI Fracht, explored new concepts and shared experiences related to the Group’s progress and future guidelines, such as the recent sponsorship of the Inter Miami club.

A highlight of this edition was the participation of clients – an unprecedented ingredient – which provided a multiplicity of perspectives, deepening and diversifying the dialogues and debates.

At the heart of the discussions were contemporary themes such as investments in clean fuels, technological innovations and Brazil’s potential inclusion on global stages for logistics initiatives. The agenda was punctuated by panels and workshops, which explored concept strategies on the rise in the field of sustainability, technology and green logistics. Conversations also extended to the integrated development of various geopolitical regions, with a special focus on South America, Africa and Asia.

Denise Alves, Executive Director of Nuno//Fracht, shared her thoughts on taking part in the event: “It was a journey of immense value and productivity, an opportunity to immerse ourselves in discussions that envision the future of global logistics. We are ready to make a significant contribution to the sustainable growth and advancement of our industry.”

The meeting also unfolded as a networking platform, fostering and strengthening professional ties and facilitating an exchange of insights and visions on the future horizons of logistics.