How to contribute to a sustainable future

Creativity in management needs to be expanded in order to identify ways to contribute to reversing the kamikaze trajectory of the global environment. Have you ever thought that by increasing the efficiency of your operations, you are also contributing to sustainability?

The Fracht Group’s chairman, Ruedi Reisdorf, thoughtfully addressed this issue in one of his press releases, listing several practical strategies to be adopted by companies and individuals.

  • Choosing less carbon-intensive modes of transportation, such as sea and rail freight, instead of air and road is one way to contribute to sustainability.
  • This choice often relies on the trade-off among time, quality and price, with the ability to usually optimize only two of these factors.
  • The use of emerging technologies, such as hydrogen or electric trucks, is another way to mitigate environmental impact, although these technologies still face significant challenges, such as a lack of supply infrastructure and range limitations. Electric vehicles, for example, are only suitable for short journeys, such as to ports, warehouses and cities.
  • Partnerships with customers and suppliers can also result in more sustainable solutions. Collaboration can facilitate the adoption of environmentally friendly practices, allowing both parties to share in the benefits of a greener supply chain.

As Reisdorf points out, the commitment to green transportation must be a collective initiative. “Whenever possible, we should offer a transportation option that is environmentally friendly, along with the best price solution that the customer requests”, he says.